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Tracking processing time for a multistep process

Sep 7, 2011 at 3:38 PM

I have a requirement from a client where they have a custom list called "Process" that has a two step review process, and they want to track how long it takes from:

  • Creation to Processor 1 completing their task
  • Processor 1 completing their task to Processor 2 completing their task.

For arguments sake, lets say we have 2 choice columns, P1 and P2 with choices "new", "in progress" and "complete", and I have turned on version control.

Is there a way to scour through versions to gather the Modified By and Modified info for when P1 was changed to "complete" and write that info into a pair of fields (i.e. P1Processor and P1CompleteDate) and the same for P2?  The I could have some DateDif calculated columns to provide the time lapse info required.

Is this a job for Versions.GetVersion?

Caveats: I have Site Owner permissions. no access in PRD to SPDesigner - basically CEWP!  Also, the list would not be long, and I would set flags so it would only review/update items not previously updated.


Sep 7, 2011 at 3:58 PM
I think in this case you'd be better off setting columns with a workflow that captures those transition date/times in the item. Digging through the old versions would probably get messy.

Sep 8, 2011 at 2:57 PM

Or tie into the tasks list.  Have a lookup column to the Process list so you can set the lookup to the item title and create approval tasks for each review.  You could leverage the data in a linked data source in a DVWP to roll it up and create a dashboard.