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Jan 1, 2013 at 11:41 AM

Marc, First SPServices Rocks!

That aside, I am curious if you ever considered instead of valuepairs, to just use Key: Value from JSON?

BACKGROUND: I have been incorporating SPServices into John Papa's Single Page Application ( (similar to with a single file I call dataconnection that uses SPServices as the core for CRUD operations on lists. I am using your XMLtoJSON to get the data into the Application which works great! I made a few modification such as auto detection of the column type using RegEx in order to have a more palatable json object without having to specify a mapping in order to use a single dataconnection library for any list the app uses (e.g., lookup becomes {lookupId: thisLookup[0], lookupValue: thisLookup[1], columnType: "Lookup"}) (although I did keep a way that I can easily override the mapping from a config file if I want to keep things slim but key was to be able to have a default route that would add any list data to the app with as few steps as possible)

Right now in order to do an update on a list item from my application's objects, I have to parse the javascript object into the valuepair format (which isn't a big deal but a little more code); however, if this could be done as a reverse of the XMLToJSON (which I am currently working on the mod) then it could  be a little more transparent although granted a little more bloated.

Just curious if you have explored this, had this planned this in an update, think that I may be trying something that isn't feasible or any other words of wisdom.