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minjday and maxjday

Sep 10, 2013 at 3:02 PM
Originally posted by sourav_subhankar in this item in the Issue Tracker:

I am using SharePoint FormFields . And I have one sharepoint datetime column, but there i need to set the mindate property of the control . Can I use Spservice in any way to achieve that? If we check in developer tools the control is rendered like below. Can anyone suggest what is this "minjday" and "maxjday" here.? And how we can set that?

<a onclick="clickDatePicker("ctl00_m_g_9bd9765c_837c_4ca8_9460_414013562630_ff81_ctl00_ctl00_DateTimeField_DateTimeFieldDate", "\u002fsites\u002ftreasury\u002f_layouts\u002fiframe.aspx?&cal=1&lcid=1033&langid=1033&tz=-05:00:00.0009535&ww=0111110&fdow=0&fwoy=0&hj=0&swn=False&
minjday=109207&maxjday=2666269&date=", "", event);return false;" href="#">

Sep 10, 2013 at 3:04 PM
I would suggest looking at a better date/time control than the one that SharePoint gives you. jQueryUI has a great one, and you can see it in use all over the Web. It gives you complete flexibility over the formatting of the calendar, limits on things like day of week, rate ranges, etc.