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Using GetUserCollectionFromGroup

Nov 13, 2013 at 9:26 PM
I was't entirely certain where to post this:

Thank you Marc for an incredible library.

I've noticed many threads about finding if a user belongs to a certain group (GetGroupCollectionFromUser), but, I cannot really find any information on finding all the users of a group (GetUserCollectionFromGroup). This can be really handy to develop drop-down lists of members of a site (assigning tasks for example). This way, the end-user can maintain the group without any interaction from the developer. Anywho, without futher adieu:
var members = [];
        operation: 'GetUserCollectionFromGroup', async: false, cache: false, groupName: '[Group Name Here]',
        completefunc: function (data) {
            $(data.responseXML).find('[nodeName="User"]').each(function () {