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2 cents: Re-learning? Why not?

Feb 7, 2014 at 3:17 PM
Hi Guys,

I'm trying to learn and re-learn some of the functions and basic concepts involving the tools involved here.

As part of the steps in relearning the basics, I want to make a new item form that sets the value "Hello World!" to the "Title" column field.

I want to set the values "Hello World" using jquery and not by declaring it as default values in list column settings. If Possible I want this text value obtained from 3 possible choices: a variable, another list item from a different list and if possible from a text file residing within a SharePoint Document Folder.

I'm thinking that this tasks might involve getlist item and update list items.

Can anyone give me a simple syntax for those two and how I can connect them.

---------------------------------------------Optional Text --------------------------------------------
It has come to my attention that how I know stuff in this case SharePoint and Java seems to lack structure.

I suspected that this kind of situation is often caused by the need to immediately fill a role or position, urging some of us to take shortcuts in learning.

Although occasionally we succeed in such undertakings, unfortunately the price of this success is the risk in developing an addiction to band aid solutions and quickfixes. (it baffles me why business folks glorifies these things by calling them interrim solutions and sometimes tactical approach)

Why does it seem rare to find techies with executive positions?