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Calling a Jquery Function for validation in User Information Edit Personal Settings

Nov 6, 2014 at 3:25 PM
I want to enable some validations on the Edit Personal settings page for the custom fields that i enabled.


User Information Edit Personal Settings is not editable since its coming from Layouts 15 directory so i am not able to place a content editor web part with some scripts on it.

I am not able to edit this page in SharePoint designer too for calling PreSaveAction method.

I want to enable valdiations on the Save Button click on this Edit Personal Settings using Jquery

Scripts used for Custom List New Form and Edit Form using Jquery with Content Editor Web part.

var thisRootCauseFieldHtml = findFormField("Root Cause").find(".ms-rtestate-write");
thisRootCauseFieldHtml.find("#ms-rterangecursor-start, #ms-rterangecursor-end").remove();

var thisRootCauseFieldText=findFormField("Root Cause").find(".ms-rtestate-write").text();    

var thisFieldHtml = findFormField("Resolution").find(".ms-rtestate-write");

thisFieldHtml.find("#ms-rterangecursor-start, #ms-rterangecursor-end").remove();

var thisFieldText = findFormField("Resolution").find(".ms-rtestate-write").text();    

var env= $("select[title='Environment']");                                                                                                                                      

var cio= $("select[title='CIO']");                                                                                                                                       

var ktistatus= $("select[title='Status']");

var targetRel= $("select[title='Target Release']");