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Cascade Dropdown single select functionality for multi-lookup?

Sep 10, 2015 at 9:05 PM
I am using jQuery 1.11.3 with SPServices 2014.02 to cascade a field with a multiple lookup. I wanted to have the single option case be selected, selectSingleOption: true. This works well for simple or complex fields but it does not appear to work for the multi-select boxes, as my single cascaded value (in the debugger, numChildOptions === 1 is true) is not moved from the left to the right box. In looking through the SPServices code, I don't see the analogous code to select the single value for the multi-select field that there is for the simple and complex fields.

Also from the debugger, the MultiLookupPicker_data field looks right (and is displayed correctly in the left side box).

If this is not the expected result, any suggestions on what I can do differently? Thanks.