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issue with cascaded fields

Nov 9, 2016 at 5:29 PM
Edited Nov 9, 2016 at 5:29 PM

I have 'older' lists that work with this just fine, but a list I recently created is having an issue with cascading the fields. The child works just fine if I turn of multiple entries, but as soon as I enable that, it stops. I don't see anything different from other lists I've done this on and it's driving me nuts. Any clue what I should start with?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you can offer.
Nov 21, 2016 at 11:27 PM
Hard to say exactly, but can you tell me what version of SharePoint? Also, do you have any required columns you're trying to cascade?

Nov 22, 2016 at 4:52 PM
This is SharePoint in O365. The default on the list is the classic experience, and both the parent and child fields are required.

Making the child field single entry the spservices code works perfectly. but changing the child to multiple choice changes the generated info for the field to look like this, on closer inspection. So no wonder it's not functioning, since the named field is replaced by several fields working as a unit.

Just viewing the source it looks like this:
<td valign="top" width="350px" class="ms-formbody">
    <!-- FieldName="Data Type Detail"
        <span id='WPQ1a1dfd9f1-0a38-4e4f-aa7e-f9f8092caa22Data_x0020_Type_x0020_Detail' data-sp-control='SPFieldLookupMulti' data-sp-options='{&quot;mode&quot;:3,&quot;source&quot;:&quot;Data_x0020_Type_x0020_Detail&quot;}'></span>

But if you inspect the element then it's a package of several fields and buttons.....
<span dir="none"><input id="Data_x0020_Type_x0020_Detail_8e16d841-d899-4716-9437-7bfbf4a10431_MultiLookup" type="hidden" value=""><input id="Data_x0020_Type_x0020_Detail_8e16d841-d899-4716-9437-7bfbf4a10431_MultiLookup_data" type="hidden" value="73|tAbility to add/manage users|t |t |t84|tAbility to add/modify code|t |t |t75|tAbility to create/change reports/queries|t |t |t87|tAbility to create/manage/distribute dashboards|t |t |t86|tAbility to create/manage/distribute reports|t |t |t77|tAbility to define/manage interfaces|t |t |t76|tAbility to define/manage workflows|t |t |t81|tAbility to delete full employee records|t |t |t83|tAbility to do mass changes|t |t |t82|tAbility to do mass loads|t |t |t80|tAbility to do module specific configuration|t |t |t79|tAbility to do system wide configuration|t |t |t85|tAbility to manage data warehouse|t |t |t72|tAbility to manage security roles/groups/profiles|t |t |t74|tAbility to proxy in as other users|t |t |t78|tAbility to trigger interfaces|t |t |t12|tAddress Information - Add|t |t |t11|tAddress Information - View|t |t |t10|tBank Information - Add|t |t |t9|tBank Information - View|t |t |t54|tBase Salary Information - Add/Modify/Delete|t |t |t53|tBase Salary Information - View/Report|t |t |t69|tBasic Training Admin - Add/Modify/Delete|t |t |t70|tCreate content, quizzes, exams - Add/Modify/Delete|t |t |t63|tDevelopment Forms - Add/Modify/Delete|t |t |t62|tDevelopment Forms - View/Report|t |t |t65|tExecutive Recruiter Access - Add/M