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Function Name Options Returns Introduced
$().SPServices.defaults({options})); see below None 0.2.4

$().SPServices.defaults = {
	operation: null,			// [Optional] The Web Service operation
	webURL: ".",			// [Optional] URL of the target Web
	pageURL: "",			// [Optional] URL of the target page
	listname: null,			// [Optional] Name of the list for list operations
	ID: 1,				// [Optional] ID of the item for list operations

	// For operations requiring CAML, these options will override any abstractions
	CAMLViewName: "",			// [Optional] View name in CAML format.
	CAMLQuery: "",			// [Optional] Query in CAML format
	CAMLViewFields: "",			// [Optional] View fields in CAML format
    	CAMLRowLimit: "",			// [Optional] Row limit in CAML format
	CAMLQueryOptions: "",		// [Optional] Query options in CAML format
	// Abstractions for CAML syntax
	valuepairs: [],			// [Optional] Fieldname / Fieldvalue pairs for UpdateListItems

	userLoginName: "",			// [Optional] User login in domain/user format for user operations
	objectName: "",			// [Optional] objectName for operations which require it
	objectType: "List",			// [Optional] objectType for operations which require it

	completefunc: null			// Function to call on completion

Function Name Options Returns Introduced
$().SPServices.SPGetCurrentSite()); None thisSite (URL string) 0.2.3

function callGetCurrentSite() {
	$("#WSOutput").html("").append("<b>This is the output from the GetCurrentSite operation:</b><br/>").append($().SPServices.SPGetCurrentSite());

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