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Articles and Press

Many people are actively using SPServices, and I wanted to start collecting some of the writing about their experiences here. A simple Bing or Google search for SPServices will turn up all sorts of things, but these links are the ones which I feel will be especially useful for others. If you have written something about SPServices which you'd like me to include here, please let me know. Thanks to Jim Bob Howard for the idea for this page.

Jim Bob Howard (@jbhoward) has written a lengthy series of articles at entitled SharePoint: Extending the DVWP. In the series, Jim Bob uses SPServices extensively, Here are the articles which mention SPServices.

Michael Greene (@webdes03) has written several articles:
Anita Boerboom (@anitaboerboom) has written several articles.
Mark Rackley has written a number of articles about what he's done with SPServices. Go to his blog's home page and search for SPServices.

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