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Web Service


Supported Operations

Operation Options MSDN Documentation Introduced
CopyIntoItems SourceUrl, DestinationUrls[], Fields, Stream, Results Copy.CopyIntoItems Method 0.5.1
CopyIntoItemsLocal SourceUrl, DestinationUrls[] Copy.CopyIntoItemsLocal Method 0.4.5
GetItem Url, Fields, Stream Copy.GetItem Method 0.5.1

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hsingh58 Nov 5, 2015 at 11:15 PM 
The CopyIntoItems and GetItem are a very powerful function especially if one has to update field values for the copied item on the desitnation list along with the copy file operation itself. Thought, I would share my example:

var binary ="";
operation: "GetItem",
Url: "http:/mysite/site1/testdoclib/report.pdf",
completefunc: function(xData, Status){
binary = $(this).text();
operation: "CopyIntoItems",
SourceUrl: "http:/mysite/site1/testdoclib/report.pdf",
DestinationUrls: ["http:/mysite/site2/anotherdoclib/report.pdf"],
Stream: binary,
Fields: ["<FieldInformation DisplayName='TestField' Type='Text' Value='Cricket' />","<FieldInformation DisplayName='ChoiceTest' Type='Choice' Value='A' />"]