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Web Service


Supported Operations

Operation Options MSDN Documentation Introduced
AddView [webURL], listName, viewName, viewFields, query, rowLimit, type, makeViewDefault Views.AddView Method 0.6.0
DeleteView [webURL], listName, viewName Views.DeleteView Method 0.6.0
GetView [webURL], listName, viewName Views.GetView Method 0.6.0
GetViewCollection [webURL], listName Views.GetViewCollection Method 0.2.3
GetViewHtml [webURL], listName, viewName Views.GetViewHtml Method 0.6.0
UpdateView [webURL], listName, viewName, viewProperties, query, viewFields, aggregations, formats, rowLimit Views.UpdateView Method 0.6.0
UpdateViewHtml [webURL], listName, viewName, viewProperties, toolbar, viewHeader, viewBody, viewFooter, viewEmpty, rowLimitExceeded, query, viewFields, aggregations, formats, rowLimit Views.UpdateViewHtml Method 0.6.0

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