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Web Service


Supported Operations

Operation Options MSDN Documentation Introduced
CreateContentType [webURL], displayName, parentType, newFields, contentTypeProperties Webs.CreateContentType Method 0.5.8
GetAllSubWebCollection [webURL] Webs.GetAllSubWebCollection Method 0.2.3
GetColumns [webURL] Webs.GetColumns Method 0.5.8
GetContentType [webURL], contentTypeId Webs.GetContentType Method 0.5.8
GetContentTypes [webURL] Webs.GetContentType Method 0.5.8
GetCustomizedPageStatus fileUrl Webs.GetCustomizedPageStatus Method 0.5.8
GetListTemplates [webURL] Webs.GetListTemplates Method 0.2.10
GetWeb [webURL] Webs.GetWeb Method 0.2.3
GetWebCollection [webURL] Webs.GetWebCollection Method 0.2.3
UpdateColumns [webURL], newFields, updateFields, deleteFields Webs.UpdateColumns Method 0.5.8
UpdateContentType [webURL], contentTypeId, contentTypeProperties, newFields, updateFields, deleteFields Webs.UpdateContentType Method 0.5.8
UpdateViewHtml objectUrl Webs.GetObjectIdFromUrl Method 0.6.0
WebUrlFromPageUrl pageURL Webs.WebUrlFromPageUrl Method 0.2.4

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