Very slow removing SPServices.SPCascadeDropdowns in IE with over 5000 items

Original file: // Remove all of the existing options Line: 1695 $(childSelect.Obj).find("option").remove(); Tested on all version IE > 8 Solution: This fix resolved problem with removing simp...

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Handle FieldType RelatedItems

Need to handle RelatedItems FieldType in SPGetListItemsJson and SPXmlToJson

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I am using SpServices AddWebPartToZone method to add web part. I have tried different zoneId but it is dispalying web part at bottom of Sharepoint page. And if I open the page in "Edit" mode then i...

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Wrong display format for numerical child values

When the child column is of type 'Number', the filtered values in the second lookup are displayed without considering the number of decimals. For instance, let's say we have a relationshipList th...

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SPCascadeDropdowns not working in SP2013

I am using SPServices in my custom scripts inserted to NewForm of a list. The SPCascadeDropdowns used to be working in SP2010 and even in SP2013 Compatibility mode. However, it stops working once ...

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SPFilterDropDown and SPCascadeDropdowns not working after SharePoint Update KB2920780

Hiya People We have this problem highlighted here: Is there likely to be any update to SPServices to get around this problem? Hope to hear f...

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$().SPServices.SPGetCurrentSite() not https aware

When utilizing any SPServices operation over an https connection, the ugly "No Transport" operation always rears its head. This is because the SPGetCurrentSite() implicitly called to obtain the sit...

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Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user's experience.

From Unrelated to SPServices, I actually saw this today as well... Marc: the warning will continue to be generated for most SPServices call...

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Can not get hyperlink column

I am trying to get hyperlink type of column named as "Important Link". withoutvar liHtml5="<li>" + ($(this).attr("ows_Important_x0020_Link")).split(", ")[0]+"</li>"; other code works perfect. Ple...

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Allow custom Field Type mapping in SPGetListItemsJson

From Should do this in SPXmlToJson, thus also SPGetListItemsJson. Eureka, I got it => I defined mappingOverrides as follows: mappingOverrides...

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