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Opening a document via weblink in EDIT mode

Mar 10, 2011 at 2:44 PM


After tweeting about this issue, Marc asked me to post it here.

If you have a link  to a document (http://mySPserver/Site/Documentlibrary/document.doc) (eg in an email, in a email from a workflow), and you open this document, it is opened in READ-ONLY, and there is no possibility to save this document back to that library.

this is a known issue (or feature of by design, name it however you want to). (see also KB87053) The resolution however doesn't say anything about SharePoint sites, AND in some corporate environments, you are just not allowed to modify the registry.

So, would it be possible, to provide a link in an email that acts like it was openend from the SP site, via the ECB (as in Edit in Microsoft Office Word) so you'll be able to check-out the file, and edit it.


Mar 11, 2011 at 3:24 AM


Sorry for the delayed reply; I've been taking care of a sick (but on the mend!) kid today.

One of the reasons that I don't really like the whole #sphelp thing is that it's impossible to get enough context in 140 characters. It's always better to post detail somewhere and then link to it. In this case, I had no way of knowing that you meant a link in an email.

I think that there are at least two options:

  1. Easiest - Make the link go to the DispForm and educate the users about how to check out the doc. The benefit of this is that it's really easy, and you also have the user looking at the metadata on the page, which can provide benefits.
  2. Slightly harder - Build a page with no UI, but some script which will take the ID passed to it, check out the document using CheckOutFile, and then redirect to the document itself. This will work the way you describe, but makes the whole process "blind" for the user. In other words, they won't learn anything along the way.

I'd go with option 1. The users will undoubtedly want some option 3, anyway, so go with the easiest first step. ;+)