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New Project Help - Product Ordering Process

Jun 5, 2013 at 5:31 PM
I'm just starting a new SP project and am trying to figure out how to do everything I need to do using SPServices.

There's a huge Product list with 10,000+ items and a Orders List where Orders for up to a 100 Products at a time will be created.

So in an Order, users will enter/select the products they want, which will then retrieve the product details like Price, Category etc and populate fields in the current Order form with those details.

They'll then submit the order and I need to total up the value and update fields in the form and do some approval stuff.

A standard Lookup column on the Product list takes too long, but AutoComplete works quite nicely still, so I was thinking about using that (or the JQueryUI plug-in) for input. I Would still need to display and store the Product info some where though.

I could try using spdisplayrelatedinfo (as you mentioned here -->, but that would only display the Product info, not set the field values.

So, what is the best way to look up related info from a text field and update form values please?

Also, the simple way I was thinking was to have 100 product fields (and descriptions, costs, quantity etc.), but is there a better way to do it? Would having a "Order Line" list with an lookup field to Orders and a way of adding Products to an Order as an Order Line from the Order form work?

Hope that all made sense!