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Filter SP Lookup field by text field with AutoComplete - only if not unique

Oct 31, 2013 at 5:03 PM
Edited Oct 31, 2013 at 5:05 PM
Here's the deal. I have a SharePoint 'request form' that will be assigned to a particular team once complete. In that form I'm using the SPServices.SPAutoComplete function in the 'Topic' (actually 'Title') field, which allows the end-user to choose from a topic covered in a previous request, or create a new (unique) topic.
//      WebURL: "",
        sourceList: "Consultant Request Form",
        sourceColumn: "Title",
        columnName: "Title",
//      CAMLQuery: "",
//      CAMLQueryOptions: "<QueryOptions></QueryOptions>",
        filterType: "Contains",
        numChars: 1,
        ignoreCase: true,
        highlightClass: "ms-bold",
        uniqueVals: true,
        slideDownSpeed: "fast",
        debug: false
As mentioned, this form also contains a lookup field called 'Team'. The task, if it can be done, is to automatically set the 'Team' lookup field to match the same list item found in the AutoComplete for 'Topic'. This part should be fairly easy with the SPFilterDropdown.

BUT If the user enters a unique 'Topic', the 'Team' lookup should provide all options available so that the user can choose a particular Team to assign this to.

I've ruled out using a CascadingDropdown because it does not provide any options unless there is a direct relationship to the parent list. So the unique topic scenario wouldn't work.

I'm looking at the SPFilterDropdown option. Could a combination of this function and some CAML query possible offer the solution I'm looking for?

Has anyone ever attempted such a feat? Can you point me in the right direction, even if it doesn't involve using SPServices?