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Social SetRating, GetRatingOnUrl, GetRatingsOnUrl, GetRatingAverageOnURL

Oct 8, 2014 at 10:42 PM
I'm trying to get social ratings working in a cross-site publishing setup in SharePoint 2013.

I have the XSP set up and working. I items in my catalog are coming to my user/publishing side and I can see the detail. The URL of a given list item is rewritten is in the format of __https://publishing-site/taxonmyterm/uniqueID__ I've got a button on my page that sets the rating using SetRating with the rewritten local/friendly url as the location . That seems to work. If I come back later that url knows the last value I gave it. And others on my team can do the same. In the responseXML I see the correct URL.

However if I try GetRatingsOnUrl [Note the plural], I should get all the results for that page, but I'm not. I can see in the responseXML that there is another node called SocialRatingDetail which should contain one entry for each rating of the url, but instead only has my value.

And when I try to use GetRatingAverageOnUrl I get a error with a faultstring of Server was unable to process request. ---> Object reference not set to an instance of an object. and if I look in my javascript console I see that there is a 500 Internal Server Error for __https://publishing-site/_vti_bin/SocialDataServices.asmx__.

I don't have access to central admin, powershell, or any of that kind of permissions. I am a site collection admin. Any idea what is wrong? Or what I can do to get this working?