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SPFilterDropdown 2 items

Apr 4, 2016 at 12:55 AM
Hi Marc,
I've gotten the FilterDropdown to work to sort the lookup in descending order.
Took a while but with some awesome guidance from Paul Tavares I learned about that nasty "Required Field" suffix that sharepoint now adds to titles of required fields. FYI v 2014.02 didn't catch this (I read your post on this too afterwards).

But - I have a couple questions.

relationshipListColumn (called Meeting) is a calculated column combining 3 fields into a text field. Because of this I cannot mark it as a required field (that I can see).

columnName (called Meeting Required Field) is assigned as a required field...

Since Meeting is not a required field the (None) appears at the top of the dropdown. Best case I use the noneText and leave blank to have a blank line at the top.

1. In this scenario, is there a way to remove the (None) or blank line since the field is actually required?

2. As mentioned, the dropdown is sorted descending. The default selection is the one at the bottom of the list - can that be changed to the top-most selection?

Thanks v much,
Apr 4, 2016 at 12:56 AM
Wow, sorry about the big font!
Apr 13, 2016 at 2:07 PM
First off, 2014.02 should take care of the " Required Field" thing for you. I'd be interested to know why it isn't, so if you can provide more details I'd appreciate it. What version of SharePoint, what type of columns, etc.

You can set a sort using the relationshipListSortColumn. So either add a column with explicit sort order and use that or add a character in front of the "default" value so that it sorts to the top. Maybe something like "-- default choice --".

You could add a little extra script to remove the "(None)" option.

Apr 17, 2016 at 5:23 PM
Hi Marc, no problem.

SP 2013 Foundation
For context this is meeting setup information
Master table (lookup data) column called Meeting and is a calculated column comprised of combining three different columns into this text field. Those three fields are of types:
Meeting Start-date/time picker - required field
Tzone - calculated column with time zone information based off another field
Title - Single Line Text (actually the Title field renamed) for short meeting description - required field

Meeting column - Calc.column formula is
=TEXT([Meeting Start],"yyyy")&"-"&TEXT([Meeting Start],"mm")&"-"&TEXT([Meeting Start],"dd")&" "&TEXT([Meeting Start],"h:mm AM/PM ")&Tzone&" - "&Title

Child table lookup column also called Meeting and is a required field.
Below is some select, ID, and option details - note the Meeting Required Field as the title

<select id="Meeting_59ec7752-2c7c-4abb-acde-4b13864deaa7_$LookupField" title="Meeting Required Field"><option value="3">2016-03-01 4:10 AM AT - test 3 test test test test teset trest</option><option value="1">2016-03-27 12:15 PM MT - Test 1 meeting short title</option><option value="2">2016-04-01 7:10 AM ET - Test 2 test test test test test</option></select>

I have a follow-up question:
Is it possible to pre-select the Meeting field in a NewForm with data from an already saved cookie that was from a Meeting filter web part on a separate Meeting Workspace page? Maybe part of the CAML Query in the FilterLookup? I've never done cookies before, and I'm not a developer..

Thanks again,