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One of the goals of the implementations in this library is to "do no harm". By this, I mean that no inherent functionality should be lost due to a problem. All of the functions in the library are meant to "run silent", meaning that no messages or alerts are presented to the user if something goes wrong. At this stage, there are some exceptions to this, but it is the goal.

In the functions which have it implemented, setting debug: true indicates that you would like to receive messages if anything obvious is wrong with the function call, like specifying a column name which doesn't exist. By using debug mode, you can receive messages to help you get things set up; I recommend turning debug mode off once everything is in place and running correctly.

Debug mode was first implemented in v0.4.5, and the functionality will be expanded over time.

When debug mode is enabled, you will receive messages like this if there is an issue:

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